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The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies trains students in the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature.

The Online Biblical Studies program will teach you to study biblical content in light of its original historical context so that you can learn to apply a biblical understanding to current theological and cultural issues. Our experienced faculty will guide you in developing a biblical worldview built upon the Word of God and teach you to apply it to all areas of life. Your online classes will emphasize not only academic coursework but practical, spiritual growth.


The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies trains students in the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature.

BIB 310 3 Units

This course introduces the student to the necessary skills and techniques that promote educational success in the online environment. Academic writing and research techniques promoting information literacy are examined and applied. This course is also undergirded by an essential focus on spiritual formation foundational to healthy ministry, personal as well as corporate, within the life of the church. Guiding principles for biblical ministry are established within the curriculum.

B340 3 Units

An analysis of how to study and understand Scripture. Emphasis will be placed on the vital methods used to apply a passage and the specific rules used to interpret biblical narratives, poetry, parables, and prophecy.

B300 3 Units

This course is a visual study of the Land of Israel, with emphasis on the biblical sites. It employs aerial videos of the sites and 34 hours of lectures explaining the sites. In-depth study of a biblical atlas and the geographical aspects of the life of Christ are included.

B310 3 Units

A careful study of the history of the people and nation of Israel, from Abraham through the restoration period. Special attention is given to the relationship of Old Testament prophetic and wisdom literature to that historical narrative. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310, BTH321, and BTH322.

BL305 BL306 BL307 3 Units (Each)

Designed for beginners in Greek. Includes a thorough study of the pronunciation and acquisition of a working vocabulary, exercises in translation from Greek to English as well as from English to Greek, and translation of selected passages of the Greek New Testament. Prerequisites: B340 and BC310/B310.

BC300 3 Units

A general introduction to basic concepts and distinctive features of biblical counseling. Students will discuss what biblical counseling is and what it involves, the role of the counselor in biblical counseling, the different kinds of counseling that are needed, the place of counseling in the ministry of the church, and how biblical counseling theory and practice relate to and differ from some of the more common secular models and theories. Part of the course will involve a personal improvement project in which the student will evaluate his/her own counseling qualifications, design a plan for improving some area of his/her life, put that plan into action, and then evaluate his/her progress as the course draws to a close.

B342 3 Units

An analysis emphasizing the great soteriological themes, including sin, justification, sanctification, and glorification, in addition to an investigation of the practical implication of these doctrines. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310/BIB310, BTH321, and BTH322.

B346 3 Units

A thorough overview of the life of Jesus Christ on earth, with special attention to the developing emphases and distinctive purposes that prevailed during our Lord’s public ministry. Theological and chronological difficulties are also considered. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310, BTH321, and BTH322.

BTH337 3 Units

An in-depth study of the doctrine of God, including His existence, names, attributes, and the Trinity. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310, BTH321, BTH322.

B407 3 Units

A study of the message of this book, with special attention given to its historical and eschatological significance. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310, BTH321, and BTH322.

BCW363 3 Units

A survey of the main approaches to apologetics and an examination of evidences for the Christian faith from such fields as science, history, archaeology, and philosophy.

B306 3 Units

A systematic study of the Book of Beginnings, in which problem areas are studied, introductory materials are given, the best English texts are analyzed verse by verse, and devotional application is made. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310, BTH321, and BTH322.

B335 3 Units

An introduction and detailed study of this book, with special attention given to the eschatological significance of its message. Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, B310, BTH321, and BTH322.

B400 3 Units

A senior integrative seminar covering such topics as the credentialing process, seminary and graduate school discussion, transitional issues, career placement, and the senior competency examination. (Must be taken last in major course sequence.)

Career Outcomes

A degree in Biblical Studies develops a knowledge and understanding of Scripture that prepares students to serve their local church.

Students who pursue a BA in Biblical Studies at The Master’s University learn the essential skills of biblical interpretation and discernment that will allow them to strengthen their local church as pastors, teachers, and lay leaders.

  • Pastor/Teacher
  • Missionary
  • Worship Leader
Admission Requirements

The Master’s University is committed to providing quality Christian education to believers around the world.

To be admitted as an undergraduate, degree-seeking student in the Online School of Education, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. 
  • Be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate. 
  • Demonstrate college-level writing ability. 
  • Submit official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended.
Number of Credit Hours
Months (not including GE requirements)
Per Credit (Major Courses)
Total Avg. Cost (not including GE requirements)
Class Type
8-week, 100% online classes
*Does not include financial aid
  • Rachel DuFault Admission Counselor
    Rachel DuFault Admission Counselor
    (661) 362-2677