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TMU Online Undergraduate Programs

The Master’s University Offers Comprehensive Online Undergraduate Programs

At The Master’s University, we believe that every subject should be approached from a biblical perspective. Our online undergraduate programs are taught by professors who are wholly committed to the supremacy of Scripture and care deeply about their students. Whether you are pursuing a degree in business, communications, or Bible, your TMU degree will prepare you for excellence and integrity in your chosen career.

Why Get a Degree?

It’s true that not everyone needs a degree to achieve their goals in life. However, at TMU we believe that education should be important to all believers, because it allows us to gain knowledge and wisdom, and pursue excellence in all we do. Earning an undergraduate degree from TMU Online will give you tools to excel in your career, while also establishing your Christian worldview and deepening your knowledge of Scripture.

Learn Gain practical skills and knowledge to help you advance your career and round out your understanding of the world/

Grow Education isn’t just knowledge; at TMU, you will mature and ignite your love for God and your desire to follow Him alone.

Network Online classes allow you to connect with world-class professors as well as students from every stage and walk of life

Earn Having a college degree means you can earn more as your education brings value to your company.

Why TMU Online?

Fast Eight weeks sessions run throughout the year, allowing you to complete your degree quickly.

Flexible Enroll part-time or full-time depending on your schedule and desired graduation date.

Affordable Online students can be eligible for financial aid through federal grants and loans with as few as six units per semester.

Biblical Gain the skills you need while deepening your knowledge of and love for Christ and His Word.

Bachelor of Arts Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies trains students in the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling (BABC) is designed to equip men and women with the principles and procedures of biblical counseling.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries guides students in developing a comprehensive, biblical philosophy of ministry.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Digital Arts equips students to compete in the evolving and creative world of mass media.

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The Entrepreneurial Studies degree at The Master’s University exists to equip marketplace ministers who want to start and grow commercial ventures for the glory of God.

Bachelor of Arts, Entrepreneurial Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism teaches students the foundational principles of journalism while enabling them to specialize.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing enables students to develop their creative skills across a variety of media.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies allows students to gain knowledge and skill across a diverse range of subjects.

Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Media trains students to use communication tools and social media to strategically market and grow a business.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management focuses on developing effective leadership and management skills in business, from a biblical perspective.

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Bachelor of Science Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management is designed to develop leaders who are problem-solvers and decision-makers.

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The Bachelor of Science in Accounting trains students in accounting principles and financial management for individuals and companies.

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The Bachelor of Science in Finance is designed to prepare students for a career in financial services.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing is designed to prepare students for a career in marketing sales or a related field.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations combines business and communication courses to train students on how to influence opinions and choices in a free market.

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Online Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be admitted as an undergraduate degree-seeking student in the School of Online Education, an applicant must:

  • Have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.
  • Be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate.
  • Submit official transcripts (high school, college, trade school, etc.).
  • Biblical Counseling majors only must submit a recommendation from a Christian leader (pastor, elder, etc.). This form is found within the application.