The Online MABS program trains men and women to accurately handle the Word of God for the purpose of building up the church.

The Master’s University Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) is a fully online graduate Bible degree with no on-campus requirements. The program provides a systematic, graduate-level study of the Old and New Testaments and examines the major categories of Christian Theology, emphasizing an application to current societal issues. Students in the MABS program may choose from five emphases to develop a more advanced understanding of the application of biblical truth relevant to their gifts and ministry.

The Five Emphases:
– Biblical Languages
– Missions
– Music and Worship
– Theological Studies
– Women’s Ministry

Core Courses

The MABS program provides a systematic graduate-level study of the Old and New Testaments, as well as the major areas of Christian Theology and their application to current social issues.

For a complete list of requirements for this degree please see our academic catalog.

BTS500 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on foundational issues in the field of biblical studies. Seminar topics include inspiration, origin, authority, canonicity, transmission, and translation. Students will be exposed to the assumptions of critical scholarship related to the Bible and an evangelical response to those assumptions. Issues of special introduction to selected portions of the Old and New Testaments will be treated with particular attention to the conclusions of modern “higher criticism.”

BTS501 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on hermeneutical theory and practice related to the biblical text. Attention is given to the philosophical and literary foundations that describe the relationship between author, text, and reader; the interpretative methodologies that are applied to various scriptural genres; and the application of interpretive theory to specific passages of Scripture. Prerequisite: BTS500.

BTS510 2 Units

This course is a visual study of the Land of Israel, with emphasis on the biblical sites. It employs aerial videos of the sites and 34 hours of lectures explaining the sites. In-depth study of a biblical atlas and the geographical aspects of the life of Christ are included. This course is taken if the student cannot personally visit Israel and take the IBEX570 course. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS511 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the biblical-theological study of the Pentateuch. Emphasis will be given to the foundational themes of creation and covenant as essential to biblical theology, the exploration of critical issues of authorship and composition, the discussion of interpretive options for crucial passages, and the formative influence of creation on the current public debate on origins and age of the earth. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS512 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the history of Israel from the period of the patriarchs through the Babylonian exile. Emphasis will be given to placing the history of Israel against the backdrop of the ancient Near East, from the perspective that God used the nations surrounding Israel to accomplish His purposes for her and orchestrated world history around her. Further attention will be given to the historical method and historiography concerning ancient Israel. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS513 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the Old Testament prophetical literature with attention given to historical backgrounds and context, internal message, theological themes, and issues of criticism. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS515 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the worship and wisdom literature of the Old Testament and its application to the contemporary church and the sanctification of every believer. Issues like the problem of pain, the value of worship, and the prosperity of the wicked will all be addressed. The student will learn to seek answers to life in the true worship of God and in the wisdom of God provided in these books. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS521 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the history, literature, and culture of the intertestamental period from the end of the OT period to 70 A.D. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS522 2 Units

A graduate study of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ, including His role as Messiah and as Son of God. Special attention will be given to the Jewish historical and cultural background of His life, to the implications of His true humanity, and to the modern alternative theories about the facts and meaning of His life. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS520 2 Units

A graduate seminar that stresses both the Greco-Roman and the Jewish historical backgrounds that underlie the events in the Book of Acts. Particular attention is then given to the roles of Peter and James in the book. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS523 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the writings of Paul. Attention is first given to the historical and cultural settings of Paul’s life, in addition to the messages, theological themes, and analysis of selected passages in his epistles. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS524 2 Units

A graduate seminar focusing on the theology of Hebrews and the General Epistles. Emphasis will be placed on critical issues relating to authorship, acceptance into the canon, historical settings, messages, theological themes, and interpretive problems. Special emphasis will be placed on the high priesthood of Jesus Christ as seen in Hebrews and the eschatology of 2 Peter 3. Prerequisite: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS550 2 Units

A survey of how the great theological themes progressively develop through both the Old and New Testaments. The difference between this approach and that of systematic theology is the tracing of how the theme develops through the successive stages of redemptive history. Particular attention is given to the promise of a Messiah in both testaments. Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS571 2 Units

A culmination seminar that seeks to integrate biblical studies with Christian faith and ministry. Students will use an evangelical theological method to address contemporary trends and emphases in theology confronting the contemporary Christian church. Students will be exposed to a wide diversity of theological literature and perspectives within and beyond the evangelical spectrum. Prerequisites: BTS500, BTS501, and BTS550.

Biblical Languages Emphasis

BL503 2 Units

A review of grammar learned in Elementary Greek with additional experience in translation of NT passages. Prerequisite: 9 units of Elementary Greek or ability to pass a placement exam in Elementary Greek.

BTS601 2 Units

A continuation of Intermediate Greek with further experience in translation of LXX texts and Apostolic Fathers, as well as an entire NT book.

BTS602 2 Units

A review of grammar learned in Elementary Hebrew with additional experience in translation of OT passages. Prerequisite: 9 units of Elementary Hebrew or ability to pass a placement exam in Elementary Hebrew.

BTS603 2 Units

A continuation of Intermediate Hebrew with further experience in translation of OT passages and the development of a basic exegetical analysis of OT passages.

Missions Emphasis

BTS620 2 Units

A study of the mission of God through His pursuant character through the Old and New Testaments.

BTS621 2 Units

A study of the background, origin, and expansion of the Christian church with attention to the people and dynamics which have contributed to its growth.

BTS622 2 Units

A study of the centrality of the local church in missions, focusing on the church’s role of sending missionaries and
caring for them.

BTS623 2 Units

A study of worldviews and religions with a focus on current trends in world missions.

Music and Worship Emphasis

BTS640 2 Units

An in-depth investigation of theology as it relates to the corporate worship setting. Services in several different styles are viewed and evaluated. Culminates in creation of a biblically based theology of worship.

BTS641 2 Units

An exploration of all components in a worship service. Students create their own standard for lyrics and music, evaluate
service orders, and consider essentials in worship leadership. Culminates in design of a worship service.

BTS642 2 Units

An examination of the spiritual disciplines for the purpose of godliness. An exploration of eleven spiritual disciplines for the Christian life: hearing, reading, studying, meditating on, and memorizing God’s word; prayer; worship; evangelism; serving; stewardship; journaling. Application of the spiritual disciplines with the goal of developing lifelong patterns and practices.

BTS645 2 Units

An examination of leadership principles and administrative topics specific to music ministry.  Includes consideration of biblical counseling in pastoral situations; spiritual and musical growth of the worship team; creating a philosophy of music ministry; developing a music ministry.  Important responsibilities such as management of time, schedules, facilities, budgets, personnel, ministry resources, and information are included.

Theological Studies

BTS663 2 Units

A course emphasizing the application of theology to such topics as preaching, teaching, counseling, missions, and ethics in ministry.

BTS662 Research in Theology

Under the direction of the professor, the student will choose, conduct, and defend a research project in theology. Attention will be to given assessing the need for the research; determining the scope of the project and a point of view; finding, assessing, and using resources; constructing an outline; and writing and defending the paper.

BTS660 2 Units

A study of the major doctrines of Scripture, including their relationship to theological systems and competing views, along with their connections to historical and practical theology

BTS661 2 Units

A focused study of controversial beliefs crucial to Christianity, and interaction with diverse views in contemporary theology, sects, and world religions.

Women's Ministry Emphasis

BTS680 2 Units

This course lays a biblical foundation for students’ understanding of womanhood and women ministering in a variety of ways within biblically appropriate roles. Practical issues such as working alongside and supporting pastors and elders, building a Word-centered ministry, and facilitating discipleship in the church will also be dealt with.

BTS682 2 Units

This course will prepare women to minister to the spiritual needs of other women. Students will gain insights into the different opportunities, challenges, and temptations that arise in different stages of women’s lives. Counseling issues addressed will include identity in Christ, body image, cutting, singleness, infertility, sexual issues, sexual abuse, and widowhood.

BTS681 2 Units

This course assists women in developing their public speaking skills, specifically for giving messages from God’s Word in biblically appropriate ministry opportunities.

BTS683 2 Units

This course will examine how women have historically contributed to God’s plan of redemption. Students will study the biographies of women in biblical and church history.

Career Outcomes

The Online MABS program trains men and women to accurately handle the Word of God for the building up of the church.

Students in the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program are equipped with a systematic understanding of the Scriptures and theology and how they relate to daily life and ministry. Those obtaining their Christian masters degree will find practical applications for their training in all areas of ministry in the local church and beyond.

  • Pastor/Teacher
  • Worship Director
  • Women’s Speaker
Admission Requirements

The Master’s University is committed to providing quality Christian education to believers around the world.

To be admitted as a graduate, masters degree-seeking student in the School of Online Education, you must meet the following requirements:*

  • Have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited college or university with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.75.
  • Submit official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended.
  • *Individual programs may have additional requirements.
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