Creative Leaders for the Future of Marketing

Companies must make strategic decisions about their offerings, supply chains, pricing, and above all – communication. How do you identify, cultivate, engage, retain and serve customers? Technology continues to constantly revolutionize how companies make choices about their communication and the media that will carry the branding messages. Learn to strategize, create, market, and grow a business through visual design, social media, copyediting, marketing, business data, and research – all the while building the Kingdom in the mission field that will be your company’s organization and putting the Gospel on display through the quality of your work.

Business Core Courses

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MGT330 3 Units

Presents comprehensive coverage of the major concepts and principles of the human communication process and analysis of the various forms of communication used by managers. The media of managerial communication include verbal delivery, as well as written letters, reports, memoranda, etc.

MKT350 3 Units

An introduction to marketing management in relation to the total business environment. Involves a study from the conception of the idea for goods or services to its ultimate utilization by the consumer with an emphasis on major decision areas and tools.

BUS310 3 Units

Topics include descriptive statistics, elements of probability, probability distributions, sampling, estimation and confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, linear regression, and correlation.

BUS320 3 Units

Principles of business law covering the fields of contracts, agency, personal property, sales, negotiable instruments, partnerships, and corporations.

BUS330 3 Units

This course begins with a survey of the philosophical underpinnings of ethical positions followed by relevant biblical considerations. An analysis of contemporary ethical cases taken from economics and from business follows. Fulfills the P311 G.E. requirement for Business majors.

MKT361 3 Units

This course provides students the opportunity to leverage the marketing, managerial, and analytical tools that he/she has acquired in making strategic marketing decisions. The course will emphasize contemporary marketing best practices and provide students the opportunity to generate marketing products. Prerequisite: MKT350.

INB372 3 Units

The course includes a comprehensive study of international marketing conditions and constant changes. Topics include foreign market research; trade promotion; political, legal, economic, and cultural environments; product and service adaptability; and multinational competition. Prerequisite: MKT350.

MKT381 3 Units

This course uses a multidisciplinary approach to understand, explain, and predict consumer behavior with the intent of leveraging this knowledge to make informed marketing decisions. The course will also include an examination of behavior-based marketing decisions from an ethical perspective.

MKT462 3 Units

This course identifies and develops key sales and customer service skills by discovering customer wants and needs through effective relationship building, clear communication (emphasizing listening), product knowledge, presentation marketing, and closing strategies. The course will also cover related subjects such as developing strong negotiating and persuasive skills and the importance of being authentic when developing an effective winning sales presentation.

MKT482 3 Units

This course provides students with the skill set necessary to conduct professional market research, perform appropriate statistical analyses on research data, and communicate research results. Special emphasis will be placed on research related to price points, new products and services, demographics, and target markets. Prerequisites: BUS310 and MKT350.

Communications Core Courses

C352 3 Units

Grammar basics and sentence structure are reinforced. However, the bulk of the course covers the real-world issues writers encounter in college and beyond. Issues such as word choice, antecedents, plurals, possessives, punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and self-editing. Chicago, MLA, and Associated Press style formats will be explored. Reading and coursework are also geared for those looking at editing as a career or see it as an important aspect of a chosen job field. Additional topics covered include “editing well means writing well,” the editor-writer relationship, and using style guides. Students learn by dissecting weekly news articles, editing articles for the campus newspaper, and self- and peer-editing various writing assignments.

C132 3 Units

An exploration of podcasting as a form of journalism. Students will be introduced to the various types of podcasts and podcast outlets. They will work with classmates to research a podcast concept and then regularly produce and publish it. Components of marketing and attracting subscribers will also be discussed. Computer expertise is not required.

C191 3 Units

In a day and age when on-the-street experiences are documented and shared worldwide, this class will explore the best go-to tool: the phone in your pocket. Students will create ready-to-be-viewed short video productions using minimalist technology. Throughout the course, students will focus on elements such as story structure, camera angle, lighting, editing, and sound. Finished productions will be viewed and critiqued by peers and the instructor.

C311 3 Units

Introduction to the video technical language and creative and aesthetic elements of the production process. The student will gain an understanding of lighting, sound, camera operation, composition, and design of visual elements.

C122 3 Units

An introduction to the dynamics of technologically mediated social discourse with a look at both individual implications as well as larger processes within society including culture, polity, and commercial enterprise.

C373 3 Units

This class introduces the students to the concepts of Desktop Publishing. Topics covered will include color theory, page layout, composition, print requirements, and other production-related techniques. The applications used in this class are AdobeTM PhotoshopTM for image editing, AdobeTM IllustratorTM for logo design, and AdobeTM InDesignTM for page layout and composition.

C368 3 Units

Basic principles of copywriting for print and broadcast media. Surveys newspapers, magazines, billboards, brochures, direct mail, radio, and television.

C381 3 Units

Theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence public opinion and behavior.

C312 3 Units

A continuation of the subjects of Video Production I. Prerequisite: C311.

C331 3 Units

This course will examine the entrepreneurial power shift in the world of business and what it means for media practitioners, entrepreneurs, and technologists. The disruptive nature of the Internet, open-source technologies, and lower barriers to entry have prompted a shift in the power from large media companies toward smaller organizations and individuals.


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