Dual Enrollment Partnership

High School Partnerships

The Master’s University Online Program partners with like-minded Christian high schools and co-op homeschool groups to offer dual enrollment options for their high school junior and senior students. Many schools and programs utilize this option alongside or in place of AP courses. These courses are run over a 16-week period and follow TMU’s Fall and Spring semester schedule. Students will earn accredited college-level units that are transferable to most colleges.*

We teach these courses in a fully online format. Many of our partner schools set a period aside during school hours to allow their students to complete the required coursework.

*Please note that it is up to the accepting higher education institution if they will accept the transfer credits. We encourage all students to contact the institution(s) they are planning to transfer to. 

Advantages of Dual Enrollment

  • Save Money Students that participate in dual enrollment save money through the significantly discounted tuition of the dual enrollment program. The more units students take, the more they will save in the long run on their overall college tuition.
  • Save Time By completing college credits in high school, students can shorten the time required to complete a bachelor’s degree. As a result, students can graduate and enter a career sooner.
  • Biblical Worldview Our experienced faculty teach each course from a biblical worldview. With this in mind, classes are built to challenge students academically and spiritually by examining historical and contemporary issues with a biblical approach.

How a Partnership Works

Each week students have a variety of assignments to complete. These include:

  • Watching pre-recorded lectures
  • Online discussion board questions
  • Reading
  • Papers
  • Quizzes or tests
  • Group projects

Students complete these assignments through our online learning management system, Canvas. Our partner schools typically set aside a class period for their students to work on their assignments, watch lectures, etc. during regular school hours.

16-Week and 8-Week Course Dates

Spring 2024 16-Week Course Semester Dates
Spring Semester 1/15/2024 - 5/5/2024
Spring 2024 8-Week Course Session Dates
Spring Session 1 2024 1/15/2024 - 3/10/2024
Spring Session 2 2024 3/11/2024 - 5/5/2024

Offered Courses

We offer a selection of general education courses in the fall and spring semesters. For course and schedule information, please contact Dual Enrollment Advisor, Kelley Wilde.

About Kelley Wilde

High School Dual Enrollment, High School Partnerships


Kelley joined The Master’s University Online as the Dual Enrollment Specialist in 2020. As a mom of four with 20+ years of homeschooling experience, Kelley understands what Christian parents and high schoolers are looking for in a dual enrollment program. She loves serving students and their families by helping them plan for their future college goals and finding the right classes for each student’s unique situation.