Welcome to Summer 2024 Registration!

The following registration steps are for Online Dual Enrollment students only.

If you are an on-campus Dual Enrollment student or part of a High School Partnership program, please contact Kelley Wilde to register for classes: .

Online Session Registration Open Start Date End Date
Summer 1 March 18, 2024 May 6, 2024 June 30, 2024
Summer 2 March 18, 2024 July 1, 2024 August 25, 2024
  • Log into the Student Portal.
  • Click the “Register” tab to access the Registration Dashboard.
  • Complete Pre-Registration.
  • Under “Course Selection,” search for and add the Summer 2024 classes you want to take.
    • High school students may take no more than 8 units in a full semester, and no more than two classes in an 8-week session.
  • Click “Finalize Registration,” select the classes you want to add, and click “Register Selected Courses.” Your Online Advisor will approve your classes within one business day.
  • Dropping a Course: check the box next to the class you want to drop and click “Drop Selected Courses.”

Billing: Bills are posted on a monthly basis. Once your bill is posted, you will receive an email notification to your TMU student email and any additional email addresses you included during Pre-Registration. You can view your balance and make an online payment through the Student Portal under “Billing Info and Statements.”

Account Stop:  If you have an outstanding balance, you may have a STOP on your account, which will prevent you from registering. Please check your balance under “Billing Info and Statements” in the Student Portal and pay your bill to resolve the STOP.

Textbooks: To access textbook lists and other student resources, check out our Student Resources page.

Contact Us: 

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IT Help Desk: 661-362-2876 |
Student Accounts: 661-362-2212 |
Financial Aid: 661-362-2290 |

About Kelley Wilde

High School Dual Enrollment, High School Partnerships


Kelley joined The Master’s University Online as the Dual Enrollment Specialist in 2020. As a mom of four with 20+ years of homeschooling experience, Kelley understands what Christian parents and high schoolers are looking for in a dual enrollment program. She loves serving students and their families by helping them plan for their future college goals and finding the right classes for each student’s unique situation.